Upcoming PS4 Games to Look Forward to

Prepare for some fun action, violence, adventure, and revelation on how to get these games!

By Pavel Kuharik

Despite PS5 becoming available by the end of 2020, PS4 is still the dominant console force that drives the gaming world and just for reference, over 106 million PS4 units have been sold since PS4 came out in late 2013. And this may very well be the last year we see PS4 standing out as the number one console as next gen consoles are hitting the market.

Nevertheless, the developers still design games for current gen and it’s highly likely that the games intended for PS4 will be playable on PS5. Video games of 2020 that will sooner or later hit the shelves and platforms for downloads.

In this list, we explore the most popular games, the most hyped games on the internet, but also a way how to obtain them for free by using free psn codes.

The Last of Us Part II

When The Last of Us premiered in 2013, it became massively popular as one of the great zombie apocalypse video games, mainly because the world was surrounded with the genre at the time. The zombies here are not your typical undead, but rather a fungus Cordyceps mutated plant-like zombies. The fungus had plagued the United States.

The main protagonists were Joel and Ellie. The story revolved around their journey towards safety, but the dangers were ever present and not just from the monsters, but from other survivors. The part II is simply a continuation of the first chapter, but Ellie is the main focus here. It features more complex environmental dynamics, like engaging in combat, jumping and not just climbing like in the first part. Prone is another new mechanic that the players will see and it will serve them well to sneak upon their enemies or bypass them. Amazing new graphics, especially the cut scenes.

It feels more like TV Show rather than a video game. The gameplay doesn’t disappoint, at least from what we’ve seen. The game really brings out the survivor’s instinct. And it will be available very soon, on May 29th.

the last part of us part 2 gameplay

Elden Ring

A third person RPG fantasy is what Elden Ring is. And it’s a highly anticipated game not only because of the way it looks, but because the producers collaborated with the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “The Game of Thrones”, George R.R. Martin. This certainly gave people something to think about. A video game influenced by one of the best fantasy writers of our time. To spice things up, the game’s creator is Hidetaka Myazaki, who also created widely popular Dark Souls video game.

The gameplay itself looks like an open world game with mounted combat. The theme is taken from the Norse mythology just like the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. The shortest description is this: Without the Elden Ring, the world is coming to an end. Defend the world from the collapse! Elden Ring is coming out by the end of this year.

elder ring ps4 gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima

We haven’t seen too many games of this genre, at least not this visually beautiful. Ghost of Tsushima is a story of a Japanese samurai who will terrorize Mongol invaders who massacred his village. The main protagonist goes by the name of Jin Sakai with legendary katana skills.

As a player in control of Jin Sakai, you will need to defeat the Mongol army and drive them away from your land. However, it would be impossible to do this all by yourself, so you’ll be looking to gather allies with various skills and finally rid of the Mongol hordes in a joint collaboration. Ride armored horses, exact brutal death upon your enemies, and enjoy the beautiful valleys, forests, rivers, and the nature in feudal Japan.
One of the things that needs to be emphasized apart from combat is the nature. It looks marvelous almost like a fantasy land. It’s an open world which the developers made clear from the start and they never wavered in their decision.

The game will become available on July 17th.

ghosst of tsushima gameplay ps4


An entirely different to the previous game on this list, Outriders is different in terms of time settings. It’s a sci-fi third person shooter with RPG elements. From the creators of recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix, this is a game that features weapons and magic like elements. Humanity has escaped the dying Earth, colonizing Enoch, an earth-like planet only to stumble upon something called “the Anomaly”. Some of the humans were changed by it, giving them special abilities. You are among them.

This will be a 1-3 co-op game, so playing with your family members or friends is pretty possible no matter where they are.

Players will be able to customize their armor and weapons in great details. The planet Enoch is harsh, unforgivable and extremely hostile. The players will need to follow the mysterious signal that is drawing them and supposedly it is because of the Anomaly that the protagonists can “feel”.

This means that the point of the game is to get the bottom of things and discover what the Anomaly is. The game will be released in December of 2020.

outriders gameplay ps4

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