Legends of Runeterra from Riot Games Is Finally Available on iOS and Android

By Pavel Kuharik

Riot Games literally caused a “riot” when open beta version became available earlier this year. So what can fans expect from this CCG game? Certainly, Hearthstone fans will know that CCG stands for card collectible game. In layman’s terms, collecting cards and creating stronger version of those cards will allow you to stand a chance against strong opponents. Each card represents a hero with offensive and defensive abilities. In the old days, the player who had more attack points would win over an opponent with less points, but the points from the victor would be deducted as well.

All of that had to be written down, like into a ledger book. These days, the software does the job and there’s no need to even think about it. But what separates Legends of Runeterra from the rest of CCG games like Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone? First things first, this is a game with League of Legends characters, so any LoL fan would know what they are dealing with. The hero design on the cards, the art illustration is pretty much the same like in League of Legends. Now, the players describe the game as a more complex Hearthstone. Strategy and logical thinking come into play at a higher level.


Many will agree that Hearthstone is an enjoyable game played by millions and the main attraction of the game is putting the cards on the table, jump straight into battle and that’s it. Pretty straightforward. In Legends of Runeterra, however, there are a lot more factors to consider before initiating an attack. The cards are split into tiers ranging from simple, Common Cards to the most powerful, Champion cards. When it comes to the game itself, there are two phases, a stage phase and a battle stage. During stage phase, players will put the cards on the table and use the cards with active spells to reduce enemy’s defenses or weaken their health. When all tricks have been used, only then a battle should be initiated.


legends of runaterra battle deck

And it’s a turn-based game literally. Only one player can attack at a single time while the other defends. The cards on their own may not have a great overall benefit to your attack or defense, but different deck cards lined up on the table that can produce a great attack or defend with ease work excellent and are in many times in synergy.

“A few great combinations of cards will let you defend even the greatest of attacks or attack the best of defenses with ease, as long as you put some thought on how to combine them.”

Earnandbuy Is Here To Help

What Riot Games have done in terms of ingame currency, named simply “Coins” is music to each player’s ears. There are no chest boxes that award a random card! Imagine our surprise. Players, upon purchasing coins, can buy a card they would need rather than wait for it to drop. The game can be very rewarding this way and the developers made sure that players get their wishes fulfilled. Why wait for a card to drop when you can just buy the exact card you need? Pretty neat! If you need to buy coins, Earnandbuy can help in this matter.

Our platform is designed to let you work and be rewarded. For your efforts, you will be able to purchase gift card codes and exchange them for Legends of Runeterra Free Coins. Well, basically for free, only a small portion of your time spent in solving tasks on our website would count as a price. If you’re not afraid of solving simple tasks, then feel free to register.

After collecting EAB points, you can convert them into gift cards, hop on Google Play Store and buy Legends of Runeterra unlimited coins based on the amount you opted for. Surely, your time playing this game will be a lot more enjoyable knowing that you possess the cards that can be a lifesaver. We bet your opponents won’t know what hit them when you show them some tricks you had up your sleeve!