IMVU and Just Dance Now are forgotten or not?

By Pavel Kuharik


Probably one of the most innovative ways of meeting people online. Originally started in 2004, this social game has seen many updates and improvements over the course of its existence. IMVU is a social game, also described as a metaverse that actually is like a chat. The first thing that you need after creating an account is to make your avatar. What the avatar will look like is entirely up to you, but if you want to feel okay about yourself, you could try and do the best possible look-alike of yourself. Once that’s done, it is now time to look for open spots on the servers. When you enter a server there will be either an indoor or an outdoor theme where you can see other people with their avatars. The game allows for many customizing options as well as physical actions and even interactions.

From a social standpoint, the game or the social network (depending on how you’re looking at it) was received with mixed results. It is possible to even kiss with other people, which seems a bit too much, but the point of the game is to chat not just through the keyboard, but through visual means as well, giving you a better feeling of social interaction and mingling.

Not a Imvu Hack or Cheats

Another factor in this game is the virtual currency. This currency called “IMVU credits” is something that you need in order to purchase fashion accessories and build your avatar to look like a Hollywood star if that is your wish. There are so many things in this game that can be purchased for your avatar so it would never hurt to have these credits just in case.

“The game is played via browser and there is an app for a mobile version.”

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Avoid IMVU Credit Generators or IMVU Hack websites

If you are someone who is always looking for free stuff on the web, you have probably encountered websites with some fake generators that are “creating” free mobile game resources for you, in this case, free imvu credits. You can`t let your desires to overwhelm your thinking, don’t fall for those scams!

IMVU hack also does not exist, we offer you a chance to earn free imvu credits on our platform with a little effort and time, that is it! Always check if the business is registered, who are working with other well-known firms, we are only asking that you be careful.

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Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is a social game developed by Ubisoft in 2014 as the second edition of Just Dance, the first of the series back in 2009. Just Dance Now is exactly what the name says. Simply dancing to the songs available for you to select. How does it work you ask? This is game is a motion control oriented game so it requires a cellphone. By simply installing an app on your cellphone, whether Android or iOS, you will be basically ready to start. You need a compatible device that can connect to the internet like a PC or a smart TV.

If both of your devices are using the same internet source, like your private wi-fi, your app will instantly recognize the other device. The other device can be a smart TV that has wi-fi receiver built in, just like a cellphone does. Connecting your phone to your smart TV will let you see the dance moves on that screen. The cellphone is only acting as a motion sensor that has to be kept in your right hand. It’s good to wrap the phone while dancing so that it doesn’t fall and break.

just dance now 2020 wallpaper dancing purple


Once you’ve solved the technicalities, which seem complicated, but they are easy and the developers made sure of that, it is now time to select a song and start dancing. On the screen, you will see a character that will be doing the dance moves and you have to follow them to the best of your abilities.

The aim is to get the highest score, which will be based on the timing and accuracy of your dance moves. The game uses “coins” as a currency to purchase additional songs as not all songs are free. Do you think you can handle challenge? Download the app via Google Play Store or Apple Store. Oh, and your friends or family members can dance with you no matter where they are. All they need is to connect to your dance room which has an ID. A dancing challenge with your close ones can be pretty fun!

Earning Just Dance Now Free Coins via Earnandbuy

It is now possible to earn just dance now free coins to purchase extra songs, right here on Earnandbuy. All you need is an account and a bit of time to complete various tasks that will help you earn EAB points, which you can convert to free gift cards of your choice and value.

Using the free google play codes or free itunes codes, you can select the proper selling platform that deals with online currencies such as Just Dance free coins that can be purchased with a redeemed free gift card codes. That’s right! By completing simple tasks on our websites, you’ll be dancing to your favorite songs that you haven’t had the opportunity to dance to before.

Get away from Just Dance Now Coins Generator and Just Dance Now Hack

Just to make something clear our platform is not a Just Dance Now Hack. If you wanted hacks you need to think is there anyone who can make something and give it for free? No there is not, and of course no one can make Just Dance Now Coins Generator because developers of the games like this are professional programmers and developers, no one can hack it.

We are registered business you can check this on “About Us” page, also we want to help you guys earn free coins not to give it for free. Have fun!

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