How To Make Money On Amazon

E-commerce sites have been around for decades now. Amazon was formed in 1994 and has established itself as the most popular choice for online shopping on a global level. Last year in the US alone, Amazon app was used by over 150million users.

By Pavel Kuharik

What is Amazon

As an e-commerce site, Amazon is an online shopping platform where anyone whether a retail store or an individual can sell their products. Some people sell handmade products, used products or even antiques.

To find the desired item, one would simply type it in the search box. Assuming the product hasn’t been found, each item has to be classified according to its category, so it can help to browse items by their category and eventually find the product that you wish to buy. Another way to buy products on Amazon is to register on survey platforms that award points which can be exchanged for free amazon gift cards that contain a certain value of $10, $20 or more.

“Buying is simple. Choose payment method and execute the purchase.”

Can You Sell on Amazon? And Why Would You Want to Sell on Amazon?

Yes, you can. Even if you’re a private individual, you can post your product online and it can be sold in an instant if it’s a sought-after item. But, whatever it is that you want to sell, it’s a likely chance that it will be bought sooner or later. Now is as good time as any to put your skills to use if you know how to make handmade products.

On the other hand, if you have some products that you don’t need and they are in working order, you can sell them on Amazon, albeit at a reasonable price.

You can sell clothes, electronics, tools and just about anything that comes to mind, other than of course drugs and alcohol.

How Do You Sell on Amazon?

The process takes time but it is simple. You need to register on the Amazon site, fill out the form, bank account information and authenticate your identity as a seller. Though it can seem overwhelming at first, it’s necessary to take all the steps for your own and consumer’s safety.

It will be required to provide an ID (driver’s license, personal ID or passport) and a bank statement. As a seller, you can sell your products from anywhere in the world, where Amazon is active. Non-US citizens can sell their products as well. The best thing about Amazon is that you don’t have to worry about shipment and packaging. Once you sell your product, Amazon will take care of the rest. Your products will be picked wrapped and shipped by Amazon, whether you‘re a company or an individual.

Once the registration has been completed and your documents have been validated, you’ll be looking at your own dashboard where you can manage your items that you listed for sale, classify them according to their category, add description of each item you’re selling and label it with a price – a reasonable price.

Need to have something to selll 🙂

Picking Your Product

Once you come up with an idea on what you want to sell, before you start making the decisions on the amount of items you’ll be producing and selling or buying and reselling (wholesale products), do the research of the market for your desired niche.

Keep in mind that a lot of of sources on the internet have different outcomes of popular items to sell.

Though this article was not written to give you tips on how to profit, but rather an insight of what it takes to become a successful seller on Amazon, a couple of notable items can be listed to give you an idea of what is popular, but can soon become mediocre as the trends are changing.

Some of the popular items to sell on Amazon include:

– Cosmetics and skincare

– Electronics

– Toys

– Home Decors

Choosing Shipping Methods

How to choose methods when a customer has bought your product? The benefits of choosing FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) were aforementioned and these state that Amazon will take care of packaging and shipping your products. There are a few factors that decide on whether to choose FBA or FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). Choosing Amazon to send packages to your customers would be preferable to those who sell items that can be medium priced to expensive and are small or lightweight. Choosing FBA if you’re selling watches, jewelry and similar small items would be ideal.

For heavier products, it is recommended to choose FBM, meaning you would have to do your own packing and transport. There may be exceptions where Amazon can meet you half way should you lack the manpower for distribution.

Shipping methods also depend on location. Not all locations are eligible for express delivery and only certain items can qualify for express delivery shipping. So, depending on what you want to sell, your shipping methods will be given to you by Amazon as a recommendation.


Before opting for FBA, let’s not forget to mention that FBM has its own advantages. If you have the manpower, then all your business is basically done internally. With Amazon’s changes in policy from time to time, you will never need to worry if the new policy will affect your shipping and delivery time if you choose FBM. You will also have much less paperwork as you conduct business only with your customers, while Amazon just serves as an online store where they buy your products. Your fees that you need to pay to Amazon are significantly lower compared to FBA.

Lastly, choosing FBA will require a certain fee to be deducted monthly as your items will be kept in Amazon’s storage centers where they will be packaged and shipped by Amazon’s workforce.

shipping a packet with mobile

Final thoughts

Keep your hands clean and don’t invoke the wrath of Amazon, should you find a way to manipulate the market. If anything illegal happens when conducting business on Amazon, your account will be permanently removed.

Your selling choices should follow the trends, but if your merchandise is one or few niches, stick to them and always research the competition. Assuming you know how to handle your own business, you’ll be able to expand and increase the number of niches that you sell.

Lastly, wholesale products (these are the ones that you buy from somewhere and resell on Amazon) are not an easy way to conduct business, as you’ll always have competition breathing behind your back, offering lower prices, even for a few cents less. It is highly recommended to properly research the competition, the amount of the same products being sold and the amount of products that have been sold at a certain price.

The opportunities are huge on Amazon’s selling platform, however, they are not sometimes easy to spot. But constant researching of the market trends will give you the edge and fill up your bank account.

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