How To Get Free Website Traffic and Mobile App Installs (Incentive CPA)

By Pavel Kuharik

With an increased level of competition in almost every niche on the internet, some websites had more control over the traffic than others, which forced smaller websites to pay for users to visit a website. Investing large amount of money into traffic volume is a lucrative way to get people to browse, purchase or download the things on your website.

However, there is one such thing that can be considered as free website traffic and that is CPA or cost per action type of marketing campaign.. Again, emphasis on the “can be”.

“Read further to understand what drives the traffic and what can ultimately pay off more to invest in.”

Why Traditional CPC Advertising Campaigns Fail?

What do CPC and CPA have in common? Almost everything. Both of them serve as means to get the traffic on your website, but CPC stops here.

With CPC (cost per click), you as an advertiser of your website, are obligated to pay a certain sum of money to the platform you’re using for advertisement. But, this only goes so far. Your advertisement is using keywords through which the users can find it.

If the users like what they see, they will click and each of those clicks has a price. So, thanks to the platforms such as Google or Facebook, one should grateful for their existence.

However, many niches struggle with CPC as they are not gaining any good returns on their investments (ROI), thus many crumble and disappear.

This happens for one simple reason. Users click on your website and what they do after that is anyone’s guess. The platforms are paid to drive the users, but not to condition the users to engage. Their job ends as soon as the users land on your page and they expect payment for that.

So, in essence, it is the user behavior that drives certain companies to stop advertising and lose on their investments. User behavior is the main culprit, whereas the users can visit a page, browse through it, not finding what they were looking for, eventually leaving the page without purchasing or contacting the website and this the part where “almost everything” is the same between CPC and CPA.

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What Is Incentive CPA Advertising?

CPA stands for cost per action and the term immediately brings out a different set of rules that apply to advertising. This is also where the causal “can be” comes to question as free website traffic is basically free until a user performs an action.

By setting up a page that you want the users to land on, they will be prompted to sign up, download, install, purchase or contact the website and only then are you obligated to pay to the platform through which you’re promoting your advertisements.

In many ways, incentive CPA is the term when you actually offer an incentive to your users. Let’s say you condition your users to download your application. If some of them keep the application and start using it, eventually maybe even buy something through that application, then it stands to reason that your profits will be on the positive and the investments made to let the users find your application through CPA campaign are paying off. In simple terms this is a free website traffic only conditioned by what the users do. If they have performed an action then the payment is due on your end, but if a user left the website without doing anything, there is nothing to pay.

One small note is that not all businesses will benefit greatly from CPC whereas others will not benefit from CPA. Both ways are trial and error, but asking for an advice from PPC professionals may sway you in one direction or the other.

If CPA Is So Great, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

We already mentioned that not every company can benefit from CPA. To put this into more detail, CPA is more expensive per click, because you conditioned your user into a specific action, this can only mean that you will have benefits from that. The platform you’re using to advertise your product will want the commission for their assistance in making that happen, but that commission is always higher than a regular CPC commission for a simple click that lands users to your website.

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Think of it in this way.

Your car needs to be repaired and you decide to do it yourself. You’ve invested time and effort and the car is working, but not to the best of its abilities. Still, you got off cheaper than hiring a mechanic.

But, hiring a mechanic to fix your car will certainly increase the effectiveness of your car, though the mechanic will ask for a payment.

And CPC has its own advantages. Your ads can be limited to a maximum users per day. If you set your ad to be visible to a thousand users, then that will be the maximum of people who will land on your page every day. After that, the ad won’t show until the next day. Slowly, from this pool you can determine what the users are doing on your website, maybe the users weren’t the right people, as you are looking for conversions, but instead get only views that turn into empty leads and most if not all abandon your website after a couple of minutes.

So, in response as to why CPA is presented as such a perfect option and why isn’t everyone doing it, the simple answer is that it costs more and you really need a traffic that will do the exact action you’ve set up for them to do. Getting there is more complex and takes more time than setting up CPC type of campaign and working with what you have.

Can You Recommend Any Good Affiliate Networks, Specializing In Incentives?

We sure can. There are many good networks that do honest work and will in no way try to scam or manipulate.

In fact, there are at least three companies that stand out when it comes to incentive CPA

aye-T studios



Earnandbuy is also a product of incentive. We reward the users on our website with points which can be converted into free gift card that can be used to buy physical or digital products on our many redeeming websites such as Amazon, eBay, PlayStation Store, Google PlayStore, Nintendo eShop, etc.

The users receive tasks to solve and these are easy, like an app made by a company that asks for an installation and the opinion of their app or a survey that needs to be filled up. Anyone can do it and with little to no effort and everyone will then be able to buy their favorite product without actually spending their own money. That sure is a win-win scenario for everyone who participates.