Earn Amazon.com Gift Card

Hi earners! EARNANDBUY has its way of sending fresh and unused Amazon.com gift card with digital codes. They are sent automatically to your email address in a matter of seconds after you exchange your points.

Convert your points into Amazon.com Gift Card

How does it work?

Well, if you are not our member yet, you will need to register an account on our platform. If you have set up an account you are good to go. Already a member? Login and start earning EAB Points in exchange for prizes, in this case, on the Amazon.com you can get gift codes.

You will be able to earn points in many different ways, but most popular are filling surveys, playing mobile games until you finish the first couple of levels, watching popular videos, taking short quizzes, installing software trial versions, subscribing to all kinds of giveaways and many other ways. You can check all cool features through our OFFER WALL system under the EARN tab.

Detailed instructions can be found on our Video Tutorials page.

How long will it take?

As we have many different offers from all around the globe, time for earning enough points for Amazon.com gift card exchange varies from country to country. But for the United States, Canada, Australia, and most European countries it can take only an hour to earn a prize. There are plenty of great and easy to complete offers available.

Do I need to submit a credit card or download anything?

We choose with who we work with, most respectable advertisers are our partners so there is no room for suspicion. Our advice is to pick the offers that you feel comfortable with, it is up to you!

Avoid scam websites!

Scam and deceiving websites are literally in every aspect of internet life. Whether you are searching for some discounts, giveaways, prizes, fake online generators which “generate” resources or Amazon.com gift cards, etc. Almost everywhere scammers are trying to pull you into their chain of deceiving people, don’t fall for it!

Finally, EarnAndBuy came up with a solution that could be a game-changer. Working method to earn Amazon.com gift card with codes, mobile game resources on Google Play or App Store? This is the place where you can complete surveys and other offers. Earn points or share your referral link to get paid in points when your friend signs up.

How to redeem a gift card code?

The process is different from the prize to prize but redeeming itself is the same. When you get the code from EARNANDBUY on your email you need to transform it into real money. With the code, we will send you the instructions on how to use, where to redeem and the exact instructions for this specific gift card.

Long story short you will need an Amazon.com account. Login to it and go to Your Account > Redeem a Gift Card > Enter claim code (The code you got on your email from us) and simply click on the “Apply to your balance” button. Buy whatever you want!

If you have any problems with the process you can contact our partners support on [email protected]

Benefits from getting this gift card?

Most of all you can save tons of money with us, buying something on Amazon.com  will save you time so it is a double win. This gift code can be redeemed on the official store when making a purchase.

If you are a person who prefers eBay.com products you can earn eBay Gift Card and get them for zero money.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions for us, feel free to contact our support team [email protected] and they will gladly help you with your problem.

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