Fun Apps for Android and iOS

By Pavel Kuharik

Life can seem stressful at times. Especially with the current situation, we all need some fun while isolating ourselves. The internet, social networks, and gaming are booming at the moment as many of us are staying in our homes.

What this amounts to is too much free time on our hands and not much to do in a limited space. So, why not have more fun than usual.


“There are a lot of entertaining, fun apps out there, but we wanted to present to you a few of them so that you can pass the time and have some laughs.”


We’ve all heard of, the most socially fun platform, allowing people to post and share content that can be user-generated. From posters, memes and all the way to gifs. Both Android and iOS apps are available. Browse the latest funny pictures with simple scrolling and upvote your favorite or share it with friends.

The app has a parental guide tag, so keep that in mind before installing it on the devices that your kids can use. Despite the fact that the app doesn’t have modern UI, it still has all the basic functions that you would normally have via a browser. Highly recommended to everyone with mood swings, but also to those who are creative and have the time to turn their ideas into visual humor.

memes 9gag

Ugly Camera

The name speaks for itself. This app requires your camera and pictures of you or anyone else. The app creates a distortion making your face look very different from normal. Depending on the point of focus, you can set emphasis on face parts.


Your nose, eyes, ears, or mouth can come to focus while the rest can be barely noticeable. To make things more interesting, effects like glasses, pimples, etc, were added to make you look even uglier than possible. So, why not create the worst version of yourself, send it to your friends, and share something memorable.

On the other hand, people will see you as someone who is not afraid to show the ugliest version of yourself, even if you will never look like that. It takes confidence to show a picture like this to the public. Ugly face app is available on both Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

ugly camera app picture

YouCam Fun

What makes this app so fun is its vast amount of effects. Most effects are in 3D and many can make you look absolutely hilarious. From googly eyes to fake hairs, horns, large teeth, create an amazing photo or even a video, send it your friends, and make them do the same for you. So in truth, what you get is Augmented Reality through your camera.

Position your face, choose effects you want to see it on it, save it, and that’s it. Your files are stored in your gallery. Take a look at this great illustration that shows what this app can do. Available on both Android and iOS devices.

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iSwap Faces

While this app is in a similar niche like the previous one we wrote about, it provides an entirely different outcomes. As the name suggests, this app swaps your face for another. The best way to do that would be to take a photo with someone or just choose one from the gallery. After selecting or taking a photo, commands will appear for you to choose.

There are circles in the form of targets that have to be placed on the faces of both people in the photo. These circles can be reduced or increased. Make sure to position them well and scale them according to head sizes.

The results are not for the faintest of hearts. Strangely, the app is available for $1.99 in Apple Store and in Google PlayStore .


This app can really seem like something unique. The main attribute of this app and basically the slogan that the developers go by is “bringing your photos to life”. What this app does is basically putting effects of motion and also audio sounds that you can record and add to the project.

Simply take a photo of yourself, record what you want to say and even add additional effects. The photo will look almost like a video where you talk about the sounds you recorded. The app comes as free for both Android and iOS, but there is also an iFunFace Pro version that costs $1.99 on both systems.

Though the video is a bit older, the app has seen improvements over the course of years.

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Bubble Wrap

Do you know when you buy something new and it is wrapped up in that bubbly protective nylon? Yes, well it is called bubble wrap and the name of this app is the same. So what do you think have we left for the last app to be?

That fantastic feeling! If you want to listen to the sounds of bubbles popping while you’re “digitally” snuffing them out of existence, then this is an app for you. If you enjoy this popping sound, there are apps available for both systems. Google PlayStore and Apple Store have it all.

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