How to obtain free V Bucks and how important they are?

By Mohamed Hamdy

Fortnite is now  the number one online game in the entire world. It became an international sensation since the minute it was published to gamers all over the world in 2017. It is an online game that was developed by the company Epic Games.

It contains three game mode versions. Save the world version, which is a cooperative shooter survival game. The Battle Royale version, which is a free to play version where players compete against each other to the last person. And, the Fortnite Creative version, which is a mode where players are given full control to create their world and battle arenas.

To further enhance your avatar inside the game you need to buy items and stuff for it. However, since you cannot use real money inside the game, an in-game currency called V Bucks is used.

V Bucks (also known as Vindertech Bucks or Vinderbucks) is an in-game form of currency. V Bucks are used to purchasing items inside the game from what is called the in-game Vindertech Store in Save the world. And also is used to buy cosmetics items from the Item Shop. They are also used to buy Battle Pass in Battle Royale.

“For example, if you spend $60 you would get 6000 V Bucks in addition to another 1500 free bonus V Bucks.”

How does it work?

The V Bucks currency can be bought using real money. To help you understand, let us break down the value of V Bucks in comparison to real money. The least amount of V Bucks you can buy is 1000 V Bucks, which is equivalent to $10 or real money. So, basically one V Bucks would equal one cent. You will not find anything in the stores inside the game worth less than 500 V Bucks. However, the game offers you more bonus V Bucks the more you are willing to spend. 

In the Battle Royale and Creative campaigns, V Bucks are used to purchasing new items that are used for customization options. Items such as outfits, gliders, pickaxes, emotes, moreover, you can use V Bucks to buy the season’s battle pass.

In the Save the World campaign, you can use V Bucks to buy X-Ray Llamas, which contains weapons and schematics for traps. Not only that but you can use it to buy New Heroes.

An important reminder, whatever you choose to spend your V Bucks on stays inside the platform you spent those V bucks in. That means if you bought something in the Xbox platform, you will not find these items in the Fortnite Mobile platform and vice versa.

It is also worth noting that buying Intangible skins will not affect your gameplay by any means. They offer no competitive advantage. That is one of the ways Epic Games keeps the game fair and square. For example, a player like Tfue; a player from the USA who plays without any skins, despite that, he is one of the best Fortnite players in the entire world and destroys his in-game enemies on a daily basis. That is why Fortnite’s game is considered a fair and square game, where success depends on your abilities, not your gear.

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How to obtain Free V Bucks?

There are several ways to obtain V Bucks in the game. The most obvious way, of course, is to directly purchase them with real money. However, if I do not want to spend my money on the game, or if I do not trust the platform enough to use my credit card on it. Or even, if I live in a region where the conversion of the currency rate is too expensive for me. Is there any way that I can do to get free V bucks?
The answer is Yes. You can absolutely acquire V Bucks for free from inside the game. As of this moment, the Save the World campaign offers the free V Bucks in the game. You can acquire them by doing the following things:

⦁ Log to the game every day as there is a login bonus every set of days.
⦁ Complete the Battle Pass tiers that are available to play.
⦁ Complete the daily quests on a daily basis. These quests will earn you at least 50 V Bucks along with some more rewards.
⦁ Help the other players with Storm Shield Defense. You can do that by using the play with other options on the map. There are two modes; Stonewood, which is for beginners, and Twin Peaks, which is for the experienced players. Each one of these modes rewards you 100 V Bucks.
⦁ Keep on playing the game and progress. Progressing inside the game is a way to earn free V Bucks.
⦁ Epic Games wants to help the beginners too that is why you will receive a good amount of V Bucks in the first few missions to perform. That way it will help you progress in the game more easily and confidently.

How to get Free V Bucks with EarnAndBuy?

It is pretty easy. First of all, you will need to register on our platform.

The point is to earn as many EAB Points you can so after you can change it for the desired gift card. If you are a gamer that plays on Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo we have a solution for you: 

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The minimum amount of points for an xbox gift card is 500 (5$), for PlayStation network and Nintendo e-shop 1000 (10$) points are something you need to earn before you redeem it.

How much time do I need for this?

It depends on which country you are. If you are from the United States, Canada, UK, and most EU countries you will most likely earn 5-10$ in an hour, and 10-20$ for two+ hours.


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Can I donate V Bucks to other players?

Since you cannot donate Free V Bucks to other players, there are some ways that you can help them through.
Whether it is a birthday gift, a good report card gift, or even a simple gesture to a friend, these are some of the options you can do:

⦁ If they play it on the PlayStation Platform, gift them a Playstation®Store Card.
⦁ For Xbox, players gift them an Xbox Digital Gift Card.
⦁ For Switch players, gift them a Nintendo eShop Card.
⦁ iOS players can also benefit from App Store & iTunes Code.

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