Earn Free IMVU Credits

Hi earners! Waiting for instructions on how to get free imvu credits? Stay on the page and read carefully if you did not watch our youtube video with detailed instructions.

Convert Your EAB Points Into Free IMVU Credits

How does it work?

It is pretty simple guys. From registration to redeeming. If you tap on the “get it now” button it will lead you to the registration/login page. After you finish verifying your email address, you can start earning EAB points on our platform through our offer wall system.

You will be able to get free imvu credits after you redeem EAB points for free google play codes or free iTunes codes depending on the platform you use. If you love playing games our platform will suit you good because we award you with points after a level completion.

How long will it take?

It depends on the offer you chose or the country you are from. Getting imvu credits is easy but few steps need to be made. Most countries can earn free gift cards in less than an hour. The USA, Canada, and European countries have the most offers and many different games to be played.

This doesn`t mean that other countries cant earn points, it will just maybe take a little bit longer. Don’t hesitate to start now!

Get Free Points and free Battlepass!

How to get free imvu credits on android and iOS? We have explained earlier, but you need to understand that first, you will need to redeem earned EAB points for desired gift cards. If you are an Android user exchange it for free google play codes, and Apple users can do the same for free iTunes codes.

Our API sends the codes automatically and instantly after you redeem the points. Codes will be on your email address (please check your spam and trash folders) seconds after exchange.

Avoid IMVU Credits Generator and IMVU Hack!

Everyone needs to know that our web platform is not an IMVU Credits Generator and that such a thing doesn`t even exist. Don’t fall for fake websites and videos which are “giving” you free imvu credits. No one can hack imvu security servers or generate credits and send them to you for FREE!

Also, we are not an IMVU Hack because something like that doesn’t exist. We are a registered business, who is awarding its users for a little work on our platform, in exchange for EAB points and later on for imvu credits.

Do I need to submit a credit card or download anything?

This depends on offer to offer. Some of them require email submit, some your mobile number, or downloading some software.

I think that credit card submitting is something that doesn’t exist in our offer wall system. But we are not responsible for offer listings because they are managed by affiliate networks that work with us. After all, it is your choice in the end.

General Merchant Disclaimer

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