Earn Call Of Duty Mobile Free COD Points

Hello earners! You are probably asking yourself how to get free cod points in Call of Duty Mobile version. Well, this is maybe the only legit way to earn them with little effort on our website. No matter if you are an iPhone or Android user, you will be able to get cod mobile free cp!

Convert Your EAB Points Into Free COD Points

How does it work?

Basically, it is completing different offers on our platform. Register, try out our Offer Wall system under the EARN feature and see if it works for you. Many different games, surveys, videos can be completed and EAB points could be yours.

These points can be exchanged for Google Play Codes or iTunes Codes depend on the platform you use, which can after be used to get free cod mobile points with no verification involved.

How long will it take?

It depends from country to country. But let`s say that The United States, Canada, and European countries have some small advantage in regards to others.

Let’s explain it like this you can earn 500 EAB points in less than an hour. 500 EAB points are equal to 5$ so with that you can get a Cod Points – Medium Pack easy. Later on, we will explain how to redeem them after free Google Play Codes or free iTunes Codes are sent to your email.

Get Free Points and free Battlepass!

How to get cp in call of duty mobile for free? We have explained that earlier in the text. Let’s focus on how to redeem google play codes on Google Play Store or iTunes codes on iTunes Store, that is also the case for the free Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Pass.

Our API sends the codes automatically and instantly after you redeem the points. Codes will be on your email address (please check your spam and trash folders) seconds after exchange.

Avoid COD points Generators!

You need to know that there are many free cod points generators that are pretending to have everything you ask for.  Also, we need to say that this is not Call Of Duty Mobile Hack or Cheat, because there are none.

We provide you a chance to earn free cod points, no one will give them for free, that just doesn’t exist. None of those methods work, in the worst case they will hack your account. As I sad we have the working method that will allow you to earn call of duty mobile free cp no matter where you are from.

Do I need to submit a credit card or download anything?

We choose with who we work with, most respectable advertisers are our partners so there is no room for suspicion. Our advice is to pick the offers that you feel comfortable with, it is up to you!

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