Fortnite On Google Play Has Arrived And Here Is What To Expect

By Pavel Kuharik

At last, a bold but brilliant move by Epic Games. Fortnite has hit the Android market back in late in 2018, but not before it was given the privilege to iOS first. The main issue was that Epic Games were hosting their own store where players would need to pass through certain hardships in order to get the game working, but from the developers’ point of view, it was a great option because of the percentage cuts that Google takes.

Recently, an agreement has been set between Epic Games and Google making the game available on Play Store. Downloading easily and playing Fortnite on the go? You bet! And that is not all that Epic Games have done. So, here is what to expect.


In the world of so many Battle Royale mobile games, one of the things that Epic Games have done that really stands out is the players’ accounts compatibility. Instead of placing the game on a separate server and a new account requirement, players are able to log in on the same account even if they played Fortnite on PC, Xbox or PS4 they can continue their character progress on the go! Everything is included Travelling home from work or school and to be able to play Fortnite will surely bring joy to many.

fortnite battle royale on google play

As for the game itself, the controls will be a bit tougher to master, mostly aiming, but from what we’ve seen, the movement controls respond exceptionally well. Even if Fortnite on Android will be a challenge at first, it will still make you decent enough to play and even win a Battle Royale match. The graphics are reduced to meet the mobile hardware requirements, but even mid-range phone owners will have little to no effort in playing. The game is by default set to 30 fps which will is quite enough for any mobile platform, whether Android or iOS. Everything in terms of graphics like character animations, weapon and armor skins have been reduced in quality, but what players can expect is a fully-featured Fortnite game just as it is on PC or a console.


The good thing is that ever since Fortnite on android was turned into reality, there was a solid number of updates and the game seems to be working great with a low amount of bugs and graphic glitches.

One downside to this entire Fortnite hype is the download size. Upon downloading a slightly over 100megabyte file from Google Play Store, the game, once installed, will ask for a whooping 7.4 more gigabytes of download. Is it worth it? Hell, yes we say! If your internet is fast all the better. And with the current 5G implementations around the world, those 7+ gigabytes will be over before you know it.

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