Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

By Pavel Kuharik

Portrayed as one of the longest RPG game franchises of all time, Final Fantasy VII remake is here this year. The remake is added in the title so that it’s known that this is not a new chapter, but rather an improvement on the 1997 release for the first generation of Sony’s PlayStation.

Just to think that a game that was first released in 1987 is still alive and kicking while retaining millions of die-hard fans is something that one should admire even if you don’t feel like a fan of the franchise. In 2020 we expect a lot from triple-A games and the newest release of Final Fantasy doesn’t disappoint.

“Millions of fans around the world have finally got their wishes fulfilled when on April 10 the remake came out and the critics have given it some really positive remarks.”

What Has Changed?

A lot. Honestly, this feels more like a new chapter rather than a remake. Nowadays, it is expected of gaming companies to satisfy the needs of their consumers by making games that are in demand.

Final Fantasy Remake went through some radical changes to appeal to players, even those who are new to the franchise. The combat system has been completely revamped. If you’re a fan of Destiny, Fallout, and Mass Effect series, then you’d find that there are many of the similar elements in Final Fantasy that could be found. Old fans know that the combat system used to be turn-based which has now been changed to real-time combat with something of a hack and slash as well.


While slashing through your opponents there’s a bar that will be filled up which then allows you to use certain perks and spells. There are ways to stagger your opponents making them vulnerable to your attacks during a limited period of time. All of this amounts to quite a few options to choose on how to defeat your foes. And this is only combat. What about other elements, you say?

final fantasy 7 remake main character on the street

The Surroundings

The city of Midgar. The place where it all happens. This time, Square Enix has introduced new elements that truly give some new life into the game. It’s not just all about the combat and dark murky places with lots of action, despite the fact that this is the part that most fans crave for. There are lots of side quests, collection of materials, weapon and armor upgrades and purchases.

The environment is vast. Being out on the streets will let you witness some realistic settings. The NPCs are behaving similarly to what we would see in the real world, assuming that the world is dystopian. The developers even added some games, like darts which you can play and even this game isn’t so easy to master and takes a bit of time and practice. It just goes to show how much effort was put in.

The characters are well built, each character has an excellent background story that you can learn about, giving you an immersive experience and a world that you’ll be able to better understand. The animations of the main characters are excellent to the point of the smallest details like arm hair. The sounds when in a social environment are pretty realistic while the combat sounds truly bring out the drama and the adrenaline rush, especially when fighting stronger opponents like bosses.

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Never ever has there been a 100% positive score for anything. Critics exist for a reason. A tiny mistake or insufficient quality will render a product (no matter if it’s a movie, a game or something physical) with anything less than a perfect score. We’ve talked a lot about the great improvements in combat, the characters, the immersion. This review is not any different. We concur that the game has some interesting moments which forced us to rethink if it can get an excellent score.

To start off with the overall feel, it’s noticeable that there is a lot of “filler” element. The term comes from the fact that certain games had some interesting main quest storytelling, but along the way, certain quests started to feel like a distraction, a hindrance, rather than a clear path towards progress and completion. FF VII Remake is no different. Some quests in the main storyline felt like it was totally unnecessary to do them and it became obvious that developers created them to fill up the playing time.

Experienced gamers came out stating that the main quest line should be doable in 15-20 hours of playing time, which is okay considering how many side quests there which you shouldn’t ignore as they give great rewards that can help in building your characters and your overall playing time will be tripled at least.

final fantasy 7 remake main character

Now, if we were to “delete” some of the quests which felt totally unnecessary, we would get the main quest line a.k.a the story completed in probably 10 hours max. This is the “filler” effect. Create additional quests even if they are not so relevant and could be totally ignored (if there was an option) in order to complete the story. But that’s okay. The fans will play because of the way it looks and feels and not because of extra quests that don’t help you to get the bottom of things.

Another remark, an ugly one at that are NPC characters. Their graphics, facial and body expressions are nowhere near the level that the main characters are at. The sellers, the citizens, and basically all NPC characters look like they are almost from the 1997 original. Well, not that far, but you get the picture. While the narrating is spot on, not to mention that Square Enix went out fully with a real-life simulation where you have children in the game. Not many games have kids in them, let’s be honest. But the NPC models have been noticed and no review will speak nicely of them.

The only explanation was probably the size of the game. Creating lesser models will save up game size and for gamers, the graphics card doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. Whatever the case may be, the game really came out strong and the good outweighs the bad. No matter if you’re a fan of the series or someone who would be interested, we highly recommend this game. And don’t forget that you can get this game through our website.

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