Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5

By Pavel Kuharik

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment have let the cat out of the bag and surprised everyone with their newest addition that will come with their late year’s release of PlayStation 5. The new DualSense game controller doesn’t differ too much from its predecessor, but it has some nice new features that we wanted to share in this article.

DualSense 5 Design

It’s slick, elegant, and fits nicely into hands of all sizes. We won’t be talking philosophies here. It will come (at least for now) in a white color with black buttons giving you the sense of knowing exactly where the buttons are. The hand holders are not so robust as they used to be on PS4 DualSense, but rather more like two horns when the controller is turned upside-down. They are longer and less bulky, giving enough grip and more sense of control, no matter what games the players will play, but we are certain that it won’t make much difference once the hands are used to the new controller.

The developers assured their customers that they didn’t stray too far from the previous design, but they couldn’t just make a carbon copy of soon to be retired PS4 controller.

Another good news that Sony stated is that the new controller will be lighter and despite the functionality being a bit more complex than previously, an effort has been put to make the controller be felt but not be cumbersome if using it for longer periods.



As it is the case with many companies that are doing business and thriving for decades, it is important to always talk to their customers. Fans expressed that they were very satisfied with all the controls and options, so Sony decided they will not interfere with their wishes, but again, they could create the same thing and that is understandable.

To create the same thing and called improved wouldn’t just sit well with the community. Sony had to find innovative ways without disrupting core functions. In truth, DualSense 5 is not that revolutionary, but it is a right step forward.

We talked about the new controller weighing less, but adding a more powerful battery certainly does seem like a proper way towards something that we perhaps could call “revolutionary”.
One button that was changed, albeit its name mostly, is the button “Share” that exists on DualSense for PS4. DualSense 5 will feature a button called “Create” instead of “Share”, which sparked the question of its meaning. Sony assured that it will be something quite similar yet more beneficial to those who use live streaming and other social media as a way to share their gaming experience with their viewers.

white dualsense controllers

It is not entirely clear what the button “Create” will do or rather what options are we going to be presented with, but because we’re talking about a controller that is in relation with the next gen console like the PlayStation 5, it must be something that gives a lot more options for players and streamers to customize their experience as they see fit.

Another important addition to PlayStation DualSense 5 controller is a built-in microphone that is situated right between the analogue sticks. It’s an excellent way for quick communication with your friends, albeit we are not sure if our voice will be dominant or will the button pressing also be heard. The DualSense 5, apart from the build-in microphone will also feature 3.5mm audio jack. Your headphones are not near you, but the earphones you use for your mobile are? Plug them in and you’re ready. It’s truly amazing how many options they’ve packed into the DualSense 5 game controller.

Haptic Technology

The term “haptic” comes from the connection between two living or artificial things. To explain it precisely, haptic technology involves a sensory form of interaction using the sense of touch. While nothing new to us, haptics have been around for some time now. Haptic feedback implemented in this device will differ from everything we’ve experienced so far. The developers described it as something that “adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud”.

What this could mean is that the controller will directly communicate the sensations the players should feel when performing a certain action and the main receiver would be the hands.

This truly sounds interesting, even though experienced before, could this perhaps be an enhanced version. We dare say, yes! Otherwise it would be nothing new.


Where Does This Leave PS5 Experience?

two dualsense controllers

Rumors go that PS5 won’t be able to match XboX Series X in performance, but could it match it with experience or even surpass it? The DualSense 5 game controller is certainly a good indicator of such theory becoming a reality. The graphics won’t differ too much nor will the frame rate. The overall hardware predicted by some is that the PS5 should be 15-20% slower, which is not too noticeable if the same game is played on both consoles at equal settings.

Still, with the potential of enhanced haptic feedback technology and an increase of customizing options, it is believed that XboX Series X will focus on the graphical detail while the PS5 will focus on the player immersion and experience.