Best Nintendo Racing Games

By Pavel Kuharik

Put your seat belts on and hold tight! Nintendo has developed their own style and while the company has never expressed that they want to chase the graphical perfection of Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox, a large portion of fans seem to love and appreciate the cartoonish, family oriented style of games that are available on Nintendo eShop.

There are of course a more graphically robust Nintendo games, though the large majority are traditional long standing games with oriented towards a different graphical style. Racing games on Nintendo really bring out joy, fun and graphical quality in their own right! We at Earnandbuy want to let you know that through our website, free eShop codes are available and these will allow you to buy these games.

So, let’s hit the gas and see what games are considered to be the best Nintendo racing games and not just because of the graphics, but because of everything they offer in terms of gameplay. Stay with us if you want to find out how to obtain free eShop codes.

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

Originally came out in 2014 as Super Mario Kart 8, it received a further upgrade into Deluxe edition in 2017. What separates it from the original are the graphics quality as well as over 40 new racing tracks and characters to select from. Additionally, some sweet car upgrades came with the latest release. It has an online mode, which for many will prove to be the winning recipe to keep playing the game.

There are a couple of modes to select from, but probably the most interesting is the battle mode and Nintendo added five revamped modes that bring a whole new dynamic and even require some strategy to think of. An excellent game for family and friends.

mario kart 8 deluxe wallpaper

Fast RMX (Switch eShop)

Developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch by Shin’en Multimedia in 2017, Fast RMX is a racing game with different, more realistic graphics, despite it being a sci-fi racing game of futuristic features. The futuristic design in vehicle speed and technology gives an entirely different expectations to an average racing genre fan.

The speed at which the vehicles move can be up to 800 miles (almost 1300 kilometers) per hour, enforcing concentration when controlling these anti-gravity vehicles. Certain maps are designed to serve as a real challenge for this type of vehicles as moving upside down (no worries, the camera will always shift into its primary angle no matter how your vehicle is turned ) is also a part of certain tracks. There is no real storytelling behind this game, Shin’en Multimedia goes straight to business offering instant racing with a couple of modes available.

What else to say other than the fact that the game is nothing short of great design, excellent aerodynamic control and graphical joy to watch. However, to control the vehicle at such speeds will require time and patience. It’s important to know when to slow down and when to accelerate, but practice makes it perfect. Highly recommended to all racing fans.

fast remix gameplay

Asphalt 9: Legends (Switch eShop)

Widely available nowadays on all platforms, the initial design was intended for Nintendo and it was named Asphalt Urban GT, back in 2004. It was well received within the Nintendo community. The newest release Asphalt 9 Legends, was one the first more modern releases to be ported on Switch and it guarantees satisfaction.

The game offers a massive career mode with many cars and detailed upgrades. Once the game starts, one car is available and working towards unlocking, purchasing, and upgrading other cars will become the focus so that the racing requirements can be met. Another interesting feature that many racing genre games simply ignore is fuel consumption. Asphalt 9 Legends features fuel consumption loss per race, rendering certain car unusable until recharged. Other than that, the gameplay and the racing is super fun with plenty of stunts and acrobatics, prompting slow motion. Guaranteed satisfaction for your eyes!

asphalt 9 legends on switch

Road Redemption (Switch eShop)

Another racing game that is available on multiple platforms, Nintendo switch among them, it’s something we haven’t really expected to see on Nintendo where more games are family and friends oriented like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Road Redemption is anything but that.

From the cover, it features racing, but only to a point. The main emphasis is to chase opponents and brutally finish them off by kicking them with your legs or hitting them with a nailed or barb wired baseball bat. It gives us the reminder of “Lucille” – the name of the baseball bat from the zombie apocalypse TV Show,The Walking Dead.

There are even swords included, and it’s possible to decapitate the heads of your targets. It’s as vicious as it gets! Starting off with a couple of motorcycles, the game offers more in terms of combat and racing upgrades, better protective gear, and health restoration perks. If you’re looking to combine road racing and brutal bashing between biker gangs, this is it! Just be careful of the oncoming cars.

road to redemption wallpaper

Team Sonic Racing (Switch)

Doesn’t it seems strange to feature Sonic, the world’s fastest hedgehog to be racing in a car? We bet he’d surpass these cars in a jiffy. But, when playing the game, it makes sense. Not all friends of Sonic are as fast as he is, so why not make all of them equal through a four wheel race? Did you know that Sonic the Hedgehog was a 1991 hit by SEGA as a response to Nintendo’s Super Mario? It seems nowadays the hatchets have been buried and both games, Super Mario Kart and Team Sonic Racing both featured on Nintendo Switch.

Now, as far as the gameplay goes, the developers designed it to be more of team oriented racing game, rather than a leaderboard oriented. There are two teams each with three players and the team that scores more overall points for doing various things (including their finishing time – position) throughout the race. This may seem a bit disappointing to those who believe they can always finish in the first place, but the emphasis was placed on the team effort rather than individual heroics. To bring balance to this, there are solo races as well as a story mode featuring many racing challenges. And the graphics are stunning and sharp considering this is a cartoonish character design.

If you love Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, why not try out racing off spins?

team sonic racing on switch

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