Best New iPhone Apps in 2020

By Pavel Kuharik

With the release of iPhone 11, along with its variants at the end of 2019, it is a perfect time to present some of the best apps made for iPhone that really stand out and turn your iPhone into a professional business or assisting tool.

Each of them is pretty popular, but the main feature is its usability, followed by great customization options.

We have selected five apps for 2020 that really stand out.

“The focus is mostly on apps that can be utilized on a daily basis and will help you make decisions as well as make better decisions on everything you do.”


The first app is dedicated to professional photographers, but also to those who don’t know a lot about professional photography, yet want their images to look really great because this app is easy to use even for casual selfie-takers.

The app is greatly appreciated by everyone who loves taking photos of themselves or the environment around them. Why you might ask? For instance, this app probably the greatest UI design in its domain and there is basically 0% chance that you can make a mistake while using it. And it’s not just the filtering options like we see with built-in camera options, there many, many more options that would take many more words to explain, which would force this article to be fully dedicated to this app alone.

But here are important things that make this app stand out from its competitors:

– Easiest to use

– Has frequent updates

– You can autosave your favorite presets and apply them to any future image

– Excellent controls over the colors you want to brighten or darken

darkroom app and funcionality


Moderation is a great app for everyone of all ages. The purpose of this app is to act as a food diary and memorize each meal you’ve eaten and given you an estimate on the healthy eating habits that you have. It is very simple to use and the creators have described it as a “one-tap food tracker”.

You select what you’ve eaten every day and the app will make a calculation of healthy has your day been and which day throughout the week was spent by eating healthier foods. From the users’ standpoint, the app can change your habits and force you slowly to start eating healthier. The reason behind this is that it also gives you tips on what to eat, which habits to change for a healthier alternative, other than just memorizing your food choices.


It has excellent features such as:

– Already mentioned “one tap food tracker” – doesn’t use barcodes or similar types of options to scan for the foods you’ve eaten.

– Simple user interface that shows your days on a calendar and renders their results, measuring the results in colors.

– It can be connected to Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. Telling Siri what you’ve eaten will be memorized in the app.

moderation app on iphone with food

Don’t Forgeter

Despite its name, Don’t Forgeter app is an excellent reminder app that has excellent built-in features. There is not a lot of philosophy behind it, it works like many others, but what separates it from the rest are those unique things you can do.

Features like:

– one word suggestion will quickly make you add the list of things to do or to remind yourself of

– can set up reminders in a matter of seconds, with the aforementioned feature plus easy date and time setting

It’s a simple, yet effective app that will notify you whenever you want prior to your obligations. The setup is as straightforward as it gets. You pick a verb and pick a date/time. You can add detail on what exactly the reminder is about.

SPDR (Speed Reader)

The name of this app stands for Speed Reader. This app basically trains you to read faster than normal. Whereas the normal reading time of an adult person is between 150-200 words per minute, SPDR can help you achieve a much faster reading time, based on the volume of the words presented to you each time.

The app is pretty unique in its design and it has some of the following features:

– can help you to read through all .doc(x), .pdf files, in its unique style of reading

– it has a lifetime statistics that can measure your reading speed

-it can be used to monitor reading on your favorite website

-can be used with Apple Watch

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Grammar Fix

What “Grammarly” is for PCs, Grammar Fix is for iPhone users. This app is excellent if you want to sound professional and not think about those tiny mistakes that you make when writing even something short. It can help you while you’re writing messages via any app, whether messenger, built-in message via your provider, Viber, WhatsApp. It basically monitors and even remembers your writing patterns, offering suggestions.

grammar fix on app store

This app is great for everyone, even for those who want to learn and improve their English. It can also help tremendously with one-touch correction when you’re writing very fast and ignoring the mistakes. Men would probably have more benefits from this app, as men’s fingers are thicker and more prone to making typos while typing messages on cell phones.

The features it has:

–  auto-corrections you and suggests better alternatives when writing

–  will pay attention even to dots and commas and all other signs of punctuation.

–  can be set up to ignore certain words if they are not “yet” listed as grammatically correct,  but are widespread in their use.

There you have it, folks! To each his own. We are certain that one person would benefit from all these apps combined. But, we feel confident that at least one of these apps will find its way into your phone’s hardware and straight to your personal usage.

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