Best Mobile MMORPGs of 2020

By Pavel Kuharik

Believe it or not, MMORPGs have been around for almost 50 years. In the mid-70s, the first MMORPGs came out, albeit they were not as smooth and couldn’t be played at great distances between people like nowadays. Over time, the internet connections were getting improved and it gave rise to joint tasks when playing games rather than doing everything by yourself.

In the early 00s PCs and online gaming started getting huge popularity, but in recent years, online RPG on a mobile phone became somewhat of a competitor with all the technological improvements we’ve made.

For those who are new to the term, MMORPG stands for a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. The mobile MMORPGs have been around for a couple of years now, but this year, there are some great titles out there that demand attention.

With hardware improvements and great specifications for budget and mid-range mobile phones, many people now have the opportunity to play most if not all mobile games. Stay with us and check out these gems that we’ve found. Some of the games are graphically stunning and can pretty much compare to PC games from five to ten years ago, which is a huge improvement for the mobile world.

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Black Desert Mobile

We begin this list of the best mobile MMORPGs with this amazing graphically designed game. It’s a visual stunner. This is an online multiplayer open-world game set in a middle-age fantasy world. Because it’s a mobile game, the developers took the liberty to automate some combat mechanics so that the players can focus on other important factors during fights. Examples like potion drinking to restore health or mana is automated, but casting spells can be entirely up to you. Plenty of quests and character development as well as city building.

Speaking of automation, the developers implemented idle features. These allow you to hunt, gather, or fish in the game while your game is turned off. Because the game requires many resources, it will take time to progress, so why not rush the progress a little bit by using idle feature, right? As for the currency in the game, there are a lot of currencies, each for its specific purpose, but the main currency is Black Desert Mobile free White Pearls. The game is available on Google PlayStore for free.


World of Kings

Yet another visual stunner, this time a bit different in terms of story and customization. World of Kings is a World of Warcraft mobile version. The classes are almost the same, the race selection is the same, the whole look and feel are the same as World of Warcraft. There are ground and flying mounts to ride, quests to do, dungeons and raids, events, PvP, and guilds. The maps, the NPCs, the fonts, even voice acting resembles that of World of Warcraft.

The level of character customization is a bit limited, but the class selection is that of World of Warcraft and more. There are nine classes in total, each with its own unique subclass system allowing you to further customize your playstyle. The classes are as follows: Warrior, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Mage, Dark Sage, Cleric, Paladin, and Archer. What we meant by the subclass system, is that your character can become something more than you’ve got used to in World of Warcraft. After a few levels, you can select a subclass specialization, for example, Mages can go into a battle-mage sub class allowing the battle-mage to turn into a tank. How crazy is that? A tank mage! Each class has three sub-class specialization choices, making a total selection of 27 variations in the game.

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RuneScape Mobile

Highly praised as one of the best MMORPGs, but mostly because of its free to play system and old glory days when old school RuneScape was highly popular. Though cartoonish in its design, the developers stuck with the idea as the community liked the way the surroundings and characters look. The game offers a massive amount of things to do. You don’t want to fight? The game has you covered on this. Do you want nothing but the combat?

You’re on! It’s basically a game of limitless options. Crafting, fighting, exploring, and questing. What is quite important are the tutorials the game offers, even if you’re an experienced MMORPG gamer, you will quickly realize there is a learning curve that will last for quite some time. There are also free to play quests that we recommend doing so that you can learn how the game works. The main currency in the game yet again, gold.

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Villagers & Heroes Mobile

A game that has received an award for the best indie game in late 2019, definitely deserves it.

It’s safe to say that this is another World of Warcraft look-alike game. The textures, the architecture, even the player user interface resembles the most popular MMORPG ever to exist. Despite that, Villagers and Heroes Mobile offers quite a lot in terms of things to do, much like you’d expect. The graphics are not the best we’ve seen, but the gameplay shines bright and is executed well. Your character can be created by selecting one of the areas available in the world, termed Origin, five classes to choose from and these are Warrior, Hunter, Wizard, Priest, and Shaman which then prompts you to select a starting gear based on the specialization of your class.

After that, you can select up to four major skills that will reflect on your character’s progress. There’s also a selection of your house name, kind of like a Game of Thrones theme, but all these customizations will yield different outcomes, give you higher or lower benefits respectively. The availability on Google PlayStore is free for download with in-app purchases. You can obtain Villagers and Heroes Mobile Free Crowns.


Lineage 2: Revolution Mobile

How can we describe this game, other than the fact it’s the highest-grossing game of its genre. Last year alone a report came out stating that Netmarble’s net worth has increased by $1.5 billion. That is quite an achievement. It’s a legendary game, that withstands the time, being around for a couple of years already, it still holds the place as one of the best MMORPGs out there.

This game differs a bit from the rest, despite the ingame options being pretty much the same, the camera angle and the combat are a bit different. The combat by itself is slick and smooth, that is if you decide to go on manual mode. One issue that the critics agree with is the heavy implementation of auto features, like auto questing, auto looting, auto equipping gear, and auto moving. The character creation can be automated if you cannot decide your character’s look. Many MMORPGs have auto features, but this game takes the reigns as the most automated one.

As for the players, they can choose from five races and three classes, immerse themselves in PvP, questing, and raiding. As mentioned, combat is designed so well, it’s probably the main recipe why this graphically stunning game still flourishes and doesn’t seem to dwindle. The main currency is the Lineage 2 Revolution Mobile Free Blue Diamonds, which can get you some great advantages in your adventures. The availability of Google PlayStore is free to play, with in-app purchases.


Adventure Quest 3D

Originally came out in 2002, Adventure Quest stormed the early internet generations, soon to be replaced by more robust games like World of Warcraft, but came back as a 3D game in 2016, also featuring on Android platform. Interestingly enough, here is another example of a World of Warcraft look-alike game, featuring cartoonish character design, the textures, and the terrain similarities. The game is considered to be one of the easiest to play MMORPGs.

It has a simple class system, with three classes to choose from, a Warrior, a Rogue, and a Mage class at the beginning. As your levels go up, your character will be entitled to inherit traits from subclasses, like a Paladin, a Necromancer, a Dragonslayer, etc. All skills learned from these sub-classes will let you use them actively as damaging or healing spells or even like passive spells, giving your character internal and constant benefits.

Crafting system differs from the most games, and it’s similar to the Warframe game, where you have to bring materials to an NPC and that NPC will craft the item for you while putting the crafting of your weapon or armor on a timer. To speed up the timer, players would have to use premium currency, Dragon Crystals. Our platform provides you a chance to get Adventure Quest 3D free Dragon Crystals but more about it later. The game is still quite popular since 2016 and available on Google PlayStore for free.

adventure quest 3d gameplay

Crusaders of Light

Highly praised quality graphics and voice acting during gameplay placed Crusader of Light among our list of the best MMORPGs, but also among the best mobile multiplayer RPG games in general. The production value of this game is astonishing. The level of details in story development is more than you’d expect from a mobile game. Again, we have World of Warcraft elements, but that’s not because the developers lacked ideas, but rather the fact the company who created the game, NetEase Games, partnered up with Blizzard Entertainment. Whatever the case, Crusaders of Light offers simple choices. Three classes to select from, a Warrior, a Ranger, and a Mystic. The abilities are pretty easy to upgrade and the leveling system is well balanced. As it is the case with other MMORPGs, the main class you select comprises of subclasses you can choose from to further upgrade and customize your play style.

Crusaders of Light is ranked as one of the most challenging PvE games and according to the developers, it is the only game that features 40 man raids. That number is mind-blowing for a mobile game. And the boss mechanics are great. It’s not all tank and spank as the bosses can have quite challenging spells that require quick thinking and evasion. If you’re looking for a challenging PvE game, this is it.

The currency that can you give the edge over many players and balance your PvE experience is Crystals. Though, everything can be bought in this game not only crystals. Crusaders of Light Free Crystals are available on our website. The game, since 2017 is available for free on Google PlayStore.

crusaders of light gameplay

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