Best Android Games Available Right Now!

By Pavel Kuharik

Introducing the best games currently available on android. Some of these games require huge phone memory, but they are being played by millions around the world. We have selected seven games that really stand out either due to their graphics, the options, or their immersive gaming experience.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Activision decided to go and put themselves out there in a tough mobile market. And don’t worry, they will still produce games for consoles and PCs. Their recent work is coined Call of Duty®: Mobile which is available, believe us, free of charge on Google PlayStore®.

While the game is free to play, it does offer many in-game purchases. Luckily on our website, you can earn call of duty free points in 2020 by performing tasks on our website and converting EAB points into various gift cards to buy the in-game points and purchase whatever you need in the game. These in-game purchases or so-called micro-transactions offer a lot more in terms of weapon and armor upgrades and customization. The game doesn’t offer a single-player campaign, but rather a multiplayer-only experience.

call of duty mobile guy holding phone while playing

The game features a leveling system and after level seven, you will be entitled to join a Battle Royale mode that can host up to 100vs100 players. The controls are a bit tricky and there are many buttons on the screen, but practice makes it perfect. We got used to Activision’s tightly packed graphics in their Call of Duty franchise games, but because this game is meant for mobile phones, it goes without saying that you can’t expect the same graphics quality. However, it looks pretty decent and lively, but the point of emphasis is the combat. The weapons work well and there’s plenty to choose from the arsenal.

Happy hunting out there!

Shadowgun War Games

Another first-person shooter game developed by MADFINGER Games that came out in on this year’s Valentine’s Day, February 14. The game is graphically packed, though only requires just over half a gigabyte of memory for installment. While the game has its ups and downs, it has been downloaded over 2 million times already, so its popularity is picking up fast and we understand why.

The game is new. Everyone is always willing to test out a new game. The combat is slower than you’d expect, but then again maybe that’s a good thing considering you’ll be playing on your mobile. It takes quite a bit of time to kill an opponent. Each player has a health bar and based on your weapon’s damage you’ll be killing the opposing player faster or slower. At certain spots on the map, there are helpful gear items lying around. Also, each character has a certain voice-overs when performing something which sounds really nice.

The game is still in the development with many parts of it being labeled as “coming soon”, but from what we’ve seen so far, it looks very satisfying. Many may disagree, but only two months have passed since its release and we look forward to seeing the new changes after a couple more months. There are in-game purchases available, much like the large majority of gaming industry, micro-transactions is what makes the developers keep working and providing for their families. However, the game is available on Google PlayStore® for a free download.



Yes, everyone knows about this game, even older generations than the Millennial generation. First came out in 2011, it quickly became a hit for its shear options to create and design the world around you. The graphics are not the focus of this game.

The number of choices and options you have in the world around is its main attribute. And with this, it stands to reason that the game cannot be graphically more complex as no device in the world would be able to support large structural creations that players have built. In fact, the game was purposely designed this way. It looks like LEGO bricks that came alive.

With over 10 million downloads and relatively small, below 100 megabyte size, the game is available for free on Google PlayStore®, with in-app purchases available.

minecrfat picture sky and green grass


Unlike previous wildly popular games, this one, albeit with over 1million downloads, has found its way into the hearts and minds of adventurous souls. The game is 2D design, but the graphics are excellent in terms of the colors and models and the characters seem to look like they were made for a cartoon.

With 500 megabytes of memory requirement, one would wonder why would a 2D game have such an amount? Just by looking at the trailer, it is quite obvious that the graphics and story length combination have reached this amount of memory. The controls are excellent and to make it better, you have the option to select on-screen controls or touch screen controls. Swiping up will make the character jump, swiping left or right will make the character move, while tapping will make the character hit.


The additional attack is swipe down while in the air, your little Viking will come crashing down on his enemies with a shield slam! That is quite amazing. And the short description will end here for spoiler reasons. The game is available on PlayStore® for free with in-game purchases available.

PUBG Mobile

Wildly popular among gamers, it stands to reason that we would include this game in this review of the best games for android right now. Since its 2016 release, the game has amassed over 200million downloads. There are, however, two versions both of which are available on Google PlayStore® and have options for in-game purchases. The first one is PUBG Mobile Lite with just over 500 megabytes of memory required for installment. The second one is called PUBG Mobile – 2nd Anniversary with 1.8 gigabytes.

Depending on the power of your phone, you can select either of these versions and have basically the same gaming experience apart from the graphics difference and less online players available per map. The controls for this third-first person shooter are spot on. The developers have really invested efforts in finding proper solutions for this type of game. There are some small issues like the accidental firing of your weapon while moving or aiming. To fire from your weapons, one would simply tap, but sometimes placing a finger on the screen in order to move or aim can result in firing and wasting bullets. What else to say about this game other than the fact that you parachute in, collect weapons and gear and prepare yourself to engage in combat with other players. We can guarantee fun times, but mostly after you get used to the controls.

pubg mobile wallpaper

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

A long time standing franchise, “Final Fantasy” came to mobile phones and in great style at that. Their 2016 release Final Fantasy Brave Exvius found its way into the phones of over 10million gamers who received it with positive remarks for its originality.

The most recent release for PS4, Final Fantasy VII Remake was the point of departure in terms of gameplay. Their newest PS4 edition is now more of an open world, RPG style of game with hints of hack & slash combat, resulting in real-time combat vs turn-based combat that Brave Exvius delivers on android platform.

The game can be quite long as it is the case with many Final Fantasy games, with side-quests, dungeons, exploration quests that can result in random combat encounters, cities to explore and NPCs that offer quests. The game is designed in a way that a Final Fantasy fan would expect and it doesn`t disappoint. The game is available on Google PlayStore®.

final fantasy brave exvius battle picture boss

Dead Trigger 2

We end this list with a horror game. With titles such as Left for Dead by Valve, that gave rise to Zombie apocalypse horror first-person shooters, Dead Trigger 2 is an excellent mobile version with great graphics and a combat system. It’s a much-improved version of its predecessor with more dynamic combat, more options to choose on how to play, a deeper story, and material collection for upgrades.

What makes this game special is the combat options that you can choose from. The game has a unique option that allows auto-shooting zombies once you’ve positioned your aim at them. This option can be turned off if you choose a more traditional way of manual shooting. Can you survive the apocalypse filled with the undead?

Pick up this 500-megabyte game at Google Playstore® for free with in-app purchase options that give out many useful perks to increase your chances of survival and progress. With over 50 million downloads, we guarantee you that this game is as much scary as it is amazing. And yes, you can buy the things you need in game, by doing tasks on our platform and converting your hard work into a giftcard for which you can purchase the necessities.

dead trigger 2 wallpaper zombies cars