Assassin’s Creed - Valhalla (Coming Out on PS5 and XboX Series X)

We hope you’re excited as much as we are. Ubisoft will deliver yet again another chapter of their Assassin’s Creed series by the end of this year. What is in store for the players and what can we expect in terms of changes? Find out in this pre-review.

By Pavel Kuharik

As of this moment a week has passed since the trailer came out and it has already been seen by so many, we dare to say that this may be one of the best video games of 2020.

The story, the characters, and the environment are brilliantly made. And while this is a trailer, it tells us the story that all of us history fans love and like. The Viking era and the tumultuous times of waging war in Great Britain. The world has been fascinated by Viking culture since its early portrayals in the 20th century with cult movies such as “The Viking” and “Erik the Conqueror”, but in recent times a more bloody and action-based movies and TV Shows came out.

Among those that tip the spear are “Beowulf” and the TV Shows “Vikings” and “The Last Kingdom”. The Norse culture has been an inspiration for many writers who wrote about the fantasy worlds combined with Iron Age culture, armor, weapons, and architecture. The most notable era of the Vikings was their invasion of Britannia and actually conquering some of it. The Vikings remained in Britannia for almost 300 years after the conflicts.

“The game features this exact element as can be seen from the trailer.”

What Can Be Expected in Terms of Gameplay?

Quite a few changes have been made in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla most notably the freedom of gameplay. The 12th installment of the Assassin’s Creed series was said to be unrestricted in player choice. In previous installments such as Origins and Odyssey, the leveling system was the key element. Players had an ability tree which required points received after gaining a level that unlocked certain abilities, but the content was unplayable unless a certain level has been reached.

The developers of the game say that Valhalla will differ from the previous installments. The traditional elements of leveling will take a form of “Power”. This power is essentially not yet known for its mechanic, but there will be no need to do side-quests and random battles to attain higher power in order to progress in the game. The developers said the players will have a choice of their own on when and how to progress with the main storyline. So, that’s indeed good news, but we still wonder how will it work.

assasins creed valhalla guy with axes

Also, animals will play a huge role in the game. Taming should be possible like in previous installments and from the various sources, we have already seen a bear and a wolf close to the main protagonist. Perhaps a hint that these beasts will be tamable and may be ultimately used in battles. Fingers crossed that armor design is available for beasts too. If all of these changes so far are to be true, we venture to say that this is one of the best if not the best game of 2020.


Another gameplay reveal is that there will be around 25 different types of enemies to face during battles, each of these will have unique combat abilities. The developers said that strong enemies will have weak spots that players will need to find in order to defeat them, otherwise the traditional slashing with a blade or hitting with a hammer will not do much to them. The AI controlled NPCs will behave differently during battles, exploring your progress during the attack and will adjust to even the odds. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? The armor upgrade and customization option goes without saying.

We’ve seen different looks of the main protagonist with armor upgrades and the ultimate look basically look as if he’s a Norse god with shiny armor that Vikings didn’t really wear, but who wouldn’t want to be in control of a character that looks like he was sent from Asgard.

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Please make sure to select the proper store through which you will buy Ubisoft’s latest release. It really comes down to your choice of the platform you plan on playing the game. If you don’t plan to play the game, you can still surprise your loved one with a brand new game for the holidays!


As it was with the previous releases, Ubisoft will make the game available for XboX One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows. However, with this year’s release of XboX Series X, players will be able to play this game on Microsoft’s newest console at higher fps and resolution than before, making it look almost as real as we would want. It’s safe to say that Sony’s PS5 will also be coming out this year so both consoles will feature the game’s availability.

When it comes to PC requirements a minimum of 8gb of RAM and at least a 4gb vRAM graphics card will suffice as a minimum requirement.


The Demo Gameplay

On May the 7th the official demo gameplay came out and while it wasn’t an official gameplay video, but more of a gameplay teaser, it gave us some insight into certain details that could be interpreted. The level of customization will be set down to every detail. You will be in control of Eivor, a viking warrior chief. You’ll be able to customize hand blade, tattoos, and all armor gear.

The settlements under your control can be modified and upgraded to meet the necessary needs of your people. You will be able to forge alliances with Saxon forces and amass high enough reputation among your Norse population to gain higher amount of forces on your side. This much is known. From the teaser, we can see that melee combat moves are added and these should be controllable.

And the world will, by the looks of it be an open world where players will be able to do as they please. The official gameplay where we can actually see Eivor in action should be released in the following weeks so by then, more details will be presented to us.