Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Best Nintendo Game so far)

By Pavel Kuharik

The Nintendo console predates both PlayStation and Xbox and while its graphics cannot truly compare, the company still produces the games that many people still play. The graphics have of course moved forward since the 80s, but the emphasis here is the genres that Nintendo publishes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out on March 20th  and immediately got the gaming world’s attention. The game is the latest chapter in the long series of its predecessors, with the first one being Animal Crossing from 2001. Since then, four more installments have come out as well as three spin-offs of the franchise.

“The first Animal Crossing game was released in 2001”

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The Game Gives You the Freedom to Play How You Want

Like all its predecessors, the game is a life simulation. We have all heard of “The Sims” series, which was more like an urban version of a life simulator. Back in the day, “Farmville” on Facebook was probably one of the most popular browser games, along with Farming Simulator on PC even earlier in 2005.

You had to plow the land, sow, and eventually reap the fruits of your labor. It’s cheesy to use a mix of phrases, but these games were literally that. And this game is that as well – a mix of these games where you live a life and you also design and create. You start off on your island, with basically nothing, but a couple of animals. You have a tent and some supplies and that’s basically it. You need to cut trees, dig, cook, collect fruits and vegetables, etc. You build a life around you, starting from a tent and finishing with a settlement that can become a tourist attraction.

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The interesting thing about the game is that it works in real-time (unless you change it), so if you’re, for example, playing the game in the evening, it will be an evening in the game as well. The customization in this game is basically limitless. You can choose to be a collector, a designer or an artist. Every day, you will be getting tasks as the island is waking up. The level of detail that Nintendo invested in this game is truly amazing and that’s what it makes so appealing to players.

Just as an example, you can create golden roses, by cross-breeding certain flowers and their value is also high. You can create mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, customize your land to your liking. This article can go on and on about the options, everything you could do with your house or land, you can do the same in the game.

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The multiplayer version of this game is available on Nintendo Switch console, but this is the part where critics have come to an accord regarding its lack of options.

The drawbacks of multiplayer should let one think about whether to buy an entirely new console or accept the limits within one console being shared among multiple users.

To explain what this drawback is, we have to understand the basics. Nintendo announced that players will have one island per console. What this means is that if you share Nintendo Switch with your close ones, the island will be designed based on the first user’s choices. The choices of where you want the location of your island to be, northern or southern hemisphere and other geographical, flora/fauna oriented settings.

So, if you are the first one to play this game, all other people who will play on the same console that you are playing will be on that same island, but they will never have all available choices that you have. Critics go as far as to say that you may stand in each other’s way when performing daily activities.

On the other hand, if you have friends on your list who play the game, you can be invited to their island for a visit and vice versa. What this allows, is trading, exchanging plants, animals and various resources. If your island has for example peaches, but you want apples then maybe one of your friends has apples and you can ask for some seeds in exchange for something else.

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Despite spin-off games being released in the past years, the original timeline is from 2012. Eight years have passed until a new release came out and fans certainly couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

Nintendo made sure that the availability is spot on, with in-game Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese languages.

While the drawbacks might refrain some people from buying this game, if their intent was to play with their family members and assuming each family member would have their own island, it stands to reason that this might be due to server limitations. On that note, we can only speculate as no official word came out as to why players can have only one island per console.

The things that do look appealing and make people buy this game and not only long-time fans, but new players as well, is the basically limitless options in designing and creating an island to your preferences.

From simple objects like tools, all the way to entire housing and buildings, you will be building a community and will have to sustain it. And with the current situation in the world, playing a game that simulates an outdoor life is a great way to pass the time. We forgot to mention sounds. The sounds in this game are insanely realistic. The water waves, the sounds of birds, all sounds that nature gives us are creating a very satisfying and calming effect.

The game is definitely oriented towards those who are looking for a way to express their creativity, but also towards those who want to explore and find it thrilling to discover something new.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, released on March 20th and is available on sale at the official Nintendo store.


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