Android Gaming New Headlines: Crash Bandicoot Mobile, Marvel Super War and More

By Pavel Kuharik

All those famous, long standing, basically “cult” games will have their newest mobile version with updated graphics and game mechanics or a first time release. It’s about time! Here at Earnandbuy, we’ve got you covered on all released or upcoming android games and how your gameplay can be improved if you stick with us.

We have selected the games that are or will be popular this year, based on the amount of comments and discussions about them.

These include:

– KartRider Rush +

– Marvel Super War

– Crash Bandicoot Mobile

– Juicy Realm

– Bleach: Immortal Soul

“This year’s headlines in the mobile gaming world are hitting hard.”

KartRider Rush +

Though it reminds of Roblox game in its design, which for some may look simple, the game is anything but simple. First and foremost are the controls, which take time to get used to, balancing your car by using “Drift” option while passing through curves. The game, however, gives you modes that you can choose from.

Arcade mode, story mode, rank mode, speed race mode, and a time trial. Some modes unlock at higher levels. Yes, there is a leveling system, which gives you better perks that improve your driving. In addition to simple driving, the game is ultra-competitive. For an average Joe, winning a race doesn’t solely reflect on driving. There are special packages along the road that you pick up which can give certain benefits. The game features weapons – offensive abilities and as well as shields, defensive abilities for you and your team. It will take a bit of effort to actually win a race. You can get KartRider Rush Plus Free K-Coins on our website but more about that on the link.

While the game is ready for the Asian market, the pre-register is global and English language settings exist. This long standing franchise from KartRider universe is available with pre-register requirements on Google PlayStore.

kartrider car racing wallpaper

Marvel Super War

From the likes of DOTA and League of Legends, Marvel Super War will not disappoint in its design nor in its combat system. The game features 5vs5 mode where players can select a hero from the Marvel Universe and win over the opposing team. Each team has their own base protected by towers. The elements of foot soldiers and cannons as an additional AI controlled units gives the feel of playing DOTA or LoL.

Much like them, Marvel Super War has a leveling system, making your hero stronger as the experience is pouring in. At this moment, the critics have nothing bad to say about the game, even though it’s built upon the foundations of classic PvP RPGs from the last decade. As far as the in game currencies go, the game features Star Credits. To obtain Marvel Super Star Free Star Credit, please be sure to check our page. This ingame currency will let you buy items that you normally wouldn’t be able to buy through free playing, but rather a financial investment. The game’s availability is currently limited to pre-register on Google Playstore.

marvel super star gameplay

Crash Bandicoot: Mobile

The mega hit franchise Crash Bandicoot is back in the fold and in high style. The legendary game was a smashing hit ever since its release in 1996 exclusively for PlayStation. There probably isn’t a grownup who as a kid didn’t play this game, assuming one owned a PlayStation. After 2011, the franchise entered a drought and with hints of a mobile release in recent years, the game is out this year and is expected to excel in the mobile industry.

For new generations, it will be interesting to see what the response will be. As for the old generations who grew up playing this game, we bet that they will give themselves a proper reminder. We felt the need not to explain too much about the game, as it’s pretty known for its gameplay.

Currently available on Google PlayStore, the game is not available globally, but after few improvements and updates, it should be available for all countries by the end of the year. For now, it’s only available to Malaysian users.

crash bandicoot crash wallpaper

Juicy Realm

Highly praised for its graphic design, Juicy realm has received “Excellence in Visual Art” award and we totally agree and understand why. It can be played as a single player or as a co-op. The main enemies are fruits, hence the term “Juicy Realm”. This visually stunning game from the perspective of its type of design doesn’t fail in the shear amount of fun and action.

On the other hand, the critics have agreed on one thing. The game seems to be too short. We’ve all got used to playing games that last and make your every dollar count. In fact, it’s detrimental that the game should be playable for quite a while, especially a game of this genre. Juicy Realm is available on Google PlayStore already in full capacity. The game costs $1.99 so for some, this may not be a deal-breaker, but the graphics, the fun (especially in co-op mode) combined with wreaking havoc upon your enemies is pretty much worth it.

Bleach: Immortal Soul

Bleach – widely known as one of the popular anime TV Shows, will now have its mobile version for its fans and the newcomers. The developers say the game will stand to the TV Show’s originality and hardly anything will differ from it. The combat orients around turn-based RPG style with plenty of side quests and a long story missions. The game also features a leveling system with level scaling enemies. The weapons and armor can be upgraded, but players report that there are far too many currencies and options in the game, making the user interface look pretty complex even for a seasoned gamer.

What makes Bleach Immortal Soul competitive and easier to progress is its in game currency called Soul Jades. You can get Bleach Immortal Soul Free Soul Jades through our website, so please be sure to check out how. Still, nothing short of addictive is what the fans of the series described it. The game is available on Google PlayStore as a free to play with in-app purchase options.

bleach immortal souls gameplay

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