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Join our big family in your journey of earning money and gift cards by doing tasks and completing many different kind of offers. Most popular are filling surveys, playing mobile games until you finish the first couple of levels, watching popular videos, taking short quizzes, installing software trial versions, subscribing to all kinds of giveaways, building your referral link and earn when friend sing up. We work with most popular brands like, App Store & iTunes, Apple Music, Best Buy®, Blizzard, eBay, GameStop, Google Play, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Nintendo, Spotify, Playstation®Store, Razer Gold, Target, Uber, Walmart, Xbox.

Redeem EAB points for a gift card of your choice!

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How does it work?

Firstly you need to become our member by registering an account on our platform. Check out our cool features and start earning points with one. Most used and effective is the Offer Wall in the Earn panel. By choosing one of many networks you get the list of available offers in your country, and by completing them an opportunity to earn EAB Points and redeem them for many different prizes including gift cards and real money. Our Gift Card API will automatically send the code to your email with detailed instructions on how to redeem and use it.

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Gift Cards

Earn gift cards of your favorite brand and spend them instantly!

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Build your referral link and earn from commission!

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Rank yourself, finish monthly and daily tasks and be the best!

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Complete surveys, quizzes, play mobile games, watch videos!

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Play mobile games, and win trophies!

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Earn EAB points and exchange them for money through PayPal!

User Reviews

Saw this website on Facebook, the first thing I thought was that this must be a scam, but on the other hand, when I first redeemed my points for 20$ playstation store gift card I was amazed!
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Bill Cutter
WOW! Got a $10 Gift Card in less than two hours.
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Christian Schuster
A friend told me about this website and I join instantly. I play mobile games all the time and need Google Play codes, now finishing surveys and purchasing in-game resources for free!
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June M. Wright
I just want to tell everyone how easy is to do surveys from your offer walls. However, spending a few hours a day on and getting some bucks! Thanks
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Joseph Willis
Digital Marketing

About Us

We are a small organization that focuses on helping our users earn gift cards and prizes, in return for points. Above all, we have been building long-lasting connections and delivering real prizes to our users for 2 years now.

We provide tools that help our costumers/users maximize their commercial benefit to advertisers. We believe everyone should be able to earn prizes online, despite which country they are from.

Thousands of fake websites trick their users, with the promise of gift cards and other rewards. Therefore, we want to reduce this harmful practice, by giving easy, safe and unharmful ways to earn prizes online with us.

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